Full refurbishment to be completed by September

Members at Places Gym Telford have recently benefited from large-scale refurbishment works in the main gym. Now - dates have been set for the final stages of refurbishment work for the remainder of the site. While the final stage of works will be a large task, we want to reassure our dedicated members that your membership will not be affected.

Although not a direct impact on members, you may notice works within staff areas. From the beginning of July, the staff and personal training rooms will be repainted, re-floored and new lighting fitted.

Stage one - Ladies only gym: July 8 - 10


Stage two - Fitness studio: July 22 - August 3


Stage three - Female changing rooms: August 5 - 24

The female changing rooms will be closed for a refurbishment from August 5. They will partially reopen from Saturday 24 August, so some facilities will be in use. Please check back for a full completion date.

Stage four - Male changing rooms: Monday 2 September

The male changing rooms will be closed for a refurbishment from Monday 2 September. While the changing rooms are undergoing their transformation, no replacement facilities will be provided. We apologise for the inconvenience and for any delays in communication for the date changes.

To prevent any major disruption to your fitness journey, our refurbishment team will be working as efficiently as possible to ensure your Places Gym is running to full capacity as soon as possible.

However, please be reassured the main gym will remain open as normal.

If you would like to know more about the refurbishment, preview the designs, or discuss anything else, please don't hesitate to speak with a member of the Places Gym team. We are always happy to help!