Places Gym Chesterfield transforms

Earlier this summer, Places Gym Chesterfield began the final stages of their refurbishment - closing the changing rooms for male and females.

Some weeks have now passed, and a total transformation has taken place in the ladies changing rooms, while the mens still has a little more to go.

While it has been a little tricky for members at time - having to split changing rooms in half with a partition whilst works are being done - it has finally paid off.

Out with the old

The former lockers, tiles and paint have all been stripped from the changing rooms - which were on-site from the very beginning of the building. Bringing the rooms back to basics, the lockers, doors and walls are all now in Places Gym colours and provide a more welcoming feel - a Places feel.

The new lockers are also more secure, and also open and close as doors should. The vanity areas are now provide improved lighting, and have been tidied up for ease of use.

Updating the spa facilities

Not forgetting the spa facilities - they will take a little while longer, as the refurbishment works are such a large task.

Closing earlier this month, the spa facilities will feature new seating, lighting and tiling within the sauna and steam room - again, bringing the facilities more in line with our beloved Places Gym theme.

When complete, members will find the facilities more inviting to sit back and relax post-workout, or over the weekend for a little 'me-time'.

A date for completion is yet to be announced, however, it will be a worthwhile wait for all.

Transformation (almost) complete

Earlier this year, Places Gym Chesterfield went under a full refurbishment in the main gym, fitness and spin studios. The changes have brought an influx of new members wanting to train using specialist equipment to reach their goals.

Now the changing rooms are (almost) complete, members of the gym will feel the full benefits of their membership and feel more at home in their local Place.

For more information on the refurbishment, or to find out the latest offers for new members, please contact Places Gym Chesterfield on 01246 203067