Health and wellbeing sessions

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Health & wellbeing sessions 

At Places Leisure our mission is to create active places and healthy people for communities to thrive, whatever stage of your life you may be at. Our centres offer a variety of sessions and courses to support and suit your needs to ensure you can enjoy being active!

Exercise Referral Scheme 

Our exercise referral is a 12-week scheme designed to improve health and wellbeing by encouraging participants to move more within a safe and comfortable environment. The scheme aims to help those who suffer, or are at risk of, developing chronic medical conditions and provides support to people from our community whose health could benefit from a more active lifestyle

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Side by Side Dementia Session

Our Side by Side is a service that has been developed to help those living with dementia to continue doing what they love while also encouraging them to try new things. They will have the opportunity to meet up with a dedicated and specially trained colleague who will work with them within the centre, whether it be in the gym, swimming, badminton or even just for a friendly chat

A diagnosis of dementia can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, and this can worsen as the condition progresses. This will be a safe and welcoming way for individuals to continue to get out and about in their community


Falls Prevention - Social Active Class

Our new strength and balance service is here to help you move forward with confidence. Doing more gentle strength based physical activity can help improve mobility and balance leading to a more active, social and independent life. This service is available to adults living or registered to a GP’s practice in Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Our Cardiac rehab service gives you and your family the information, support and advice you need to return to everyday life. Cardiac rehab is a vital part of your long-term recovery, It is an individualised programme made up of a mix of exercise and education sessions available at Epping Sports Centre


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