Extra pre-school swim lessons!

Skills for a lifetime

We're adding new pre-school swim lesson times!

Our team follows the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework to deliver swimming lessons. We use fun and games to build water confidence from the first splash to a lifetime of loving swimming and being safe in the water. To join our swimming lessons, please email us or call 01202 877468.

Already on lessons with us? Please visit our useful information page for frequently asked questions about getting started and what to do after you've enrolled.

Our new lesson times will come into play on Tuesday 1st February, and include:


Pre-school ducklings 1 and 2 (parent in the water):
  • Tuesdays at 9.45am (small pool)
  • Saturdays at 11.05am (main pool)
Pre-school ducklings 3 and 4 (no parent in the water):
  • Mondays at 9.15am (small pool)
  • Tuesdays at 9.45am and 3.30pm (main pool)
  • Fridays at 9.15am and 9.45am (small pool)
  • Saturdays at 8.30am and 10.35am (small pool)