Family & kids

Having fun

Activities for families and kids

We believe a physically active child is much more likely to become a physically active adult. 

We have developed a range of fun activities and sports for children to learn and love throughout their childhood giving them skills to take into adult life.


Holiday & afterschool activities

Valley Knights Childcare host both holiday clubs and afterschool sessions at Knightwood Leisure Centre. Every day is packed with fun and new activities to keep your little ones entertained. 

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Parties at Knightwood Leisure Centre

Turn your child’s party into an exciting day to remember.

There's no fuss and no mess. You, your child and their friends have all the fun whilst we plan the big day for you.

We have a range of parties for you to choose from.

Our party choices

Active Play and Bounce at Knightwood Leisure Centre

Fun and motivating session for your under 5's!

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