New Water Features coming soon!

Re-opening February half term

We have some great news! Our pool is undergoing some exciting new refurbishments, including the replacement of water features and general maintenance and repairs work. The works will be carried out between Monday 6th - Monday 12th February 2023 and will re-open on Tuesday 13th February, just in time for half term. Check out the great new features being installed: 

  • Interactive wall panel featuring a bright underwater design with a series of moving parts & mirrors providing tactile, visual and auditory stimulation
  • Interactive waterball featuring a variety of water jets: 
  • Fill n spill buckets
  • Interactive handweels - Each wheel is connected to a 4-way valve allowing children to control the flow of water to 8 of the waterball jets
  • Canon jets, low pressure jets that create a gentle flow of water in the pool
  • Interactive water channels, featuring 2 paddles that allow children to manipulate the flow of water through them and back in the pool
  • Waterball mast with top cowl 
  • Small tipping bucket arms - The buckets are gradually filled via a jet in the arm. When a high fill level is reached, the bucket is forced to tip, splashing water onto those below. 
  • Fish shower arm
  • Toddler slide featuring a bright, colourful design with a tactile surface, moving elements and mirrors to bring an additional element of play to a traditional toddler slide