The following information is to support you whilst your local Places Gym is temporarily closed. 

Please rest assured that you will not lose any days or membership benefits as a result of the lockdown.


Places Locker Virtual Studio and staying active at home

Get ready for re-opening


I’m a Premium member at a Places Gym club, what happens?

If you pay by Direct Debit for your membership, payments have now been automatically frozen. We’re aware that as you pay in advance there are some days that we owe you – we’ll happily adjust future payments once we re-open to ensure you will still receive these.

If you have paid up-front for an annual or fixed term membership, your membership end date will be extended, ensuring you receive your full membership term. We do all of this for you once we know when we’re re-opening.

Unfortunately, the Direct Debit process begins before payments leave an account and we may be unable to stop some payments.  Please be reassured we will be adjusting future payments to make amends when we re-open.

For our monthly subscription and annual members, we will provide you with a free Essential Virtual Studio membership available via our Places Locker app (this normally costs £5).  This makes all on demand content free of charge and gives you a discount of up to 30% off live streaming content. Find out more about Virtual Studio.

Keeping active is important to me; how do I stay active at home?

We’re still here to help even though we’re closed. In visiting our clubs you’ve made time in your life for activity, and that’s the biggest barrier of them all. Our gym closure may just mean you use that time differently. Let’s say that you do a class on a Wednesday night at 7pm for an hour - put that time and date in your diary and commit to using it for some sort of activity. Why not try an on demand or live steam workouts via the Virtual Studio in our free Places Locker app?  Our monthly direct debit and annual members receive this free of charge for 6 weeks from the date your gym closes.

The Virtual Studio has 100+ classes from Les Mills, alongside great content from our partners, RT24, Stages, ukactive and Technogym.

Places Locker also includes outdoor fitness tracking and the ability to take part in virtual challenges.

How do I download Places Locker and access all this great stuff?

If you already have the app, simply navigate to the homepage and tap the tile for Virtual Studio.

If you haven’t downloaded Places Locker, please use the links below, and just remember to sign up with the email address you’ve linked to your membership record if you're an existing member or have booked with us online before.

Find out more about Places Locker