Eating healthy over summer

It is a well-known fact people love to eat. Whether this is eating in at home, eating out with friends, grazing throughout the day or – enjoying one too many barbeques throughout summer.

In typical British tradition, temperatures have been up and down this summer. It’s either been too hot, or too cold – we don’t seem to have enjoyed a happy medium. But, with the weather looking to improve (we hope!) throughout August, we have developed some tips for you to continue eating healthy over summer.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated in any weather. Not only does it help to keep your body cool on those hot days but, staying hydrated keeps your mind sharp and your mood mellow. Some people might struggle with drinking the recommended 2 – 4 litres of water per day, but there are other ways to get your daily intake. Eating fruits such as watermelon (which is approx. 92% water) means you can enjoy a sweet treat with minimal calories, as well as add to your water intake.

Mix up your salad

Salads don’t have to be boring – you can make them enjoyable. Plus, you can pack more into your lunchbox as salads are low on calories. Add different veggies and fruits (yes, fruits) into your salad to make them more enjoyable at lunchtime or as part of your evening meal. Try a chicken and mango salad, perhaps adding corn into your salad – which contains antioxidants that form a pigment over your eyes to protect from the sun’s rays – or even enjoy adding beans and lentils for more flavour and nutrients.

Don’t overdo it at the cook-out

Most of us like to dive straight into burgers and hot dogs at the family cook-out. So why not try loading up on the salads, fruits and other healthy snacks while the meat is cooking? This way you can line your stomach with healthier foods, leaving less space for you to gorge on bread and sweet treats. Think about your portion size too, do you really need 3 burgers, 2 wings and a hot dog? Probably not. Recognise when you’re full as well – don’t keep eating because the food is there, it will keep for the next day!

Eat more lighter snacks

It’s easier to fill up on carb heavy foods throughout the colder months. But, in summer, why not swap out these treats for lighter snacks? You can eat more and keep within your calorie limit. Nuts, lentils and fruits are all great snacks to treat yourself too. Supermarkets also stock more seasonal fruits such as mangos, strawberries and berries – great to add into a home-made smoothie too! You could also treat yourself to a low-sugar jelly pot! Perfect for a sweet treat after your lunch.

Downsize your portions

When the weather is warmer, it can take longer for your food to digest. Try grazing throughout the day or reducing your portion sizes at mealtimes. Not only will your food be able to digest easier, but you will avoid that bloated feeling many of us are prone too. After all, there is nothing worse than spending the rest of your working day bloated or feeling uncomfortable just before you leave the house to go out!

These are just a few tips for you to try eating healthier this summer. Do you have any tips for us to share? Let us know! Email

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