Meet Dawn; a member of Places Gym Edinburgh

It's the New Year. Everyone is focused on making their New Year Resolutions; 'new year, new me', right?

Realistically - how many of us actually stick to our resolution list after the first couple-weeks of the year are out of the way? Not that many. It can be tough - January is a long month!

However, some of us - such as Dawn - are keen to see through our goals, and carry on as we started out. Engage, power mode.

Keen to keep on track with her new fitness regime, Places Gym Edinburgh member Dawn, signed up to become a fitness blogger. Monitoring her PT sessions and gym activity, Dawn will share her 6-week journey with us, week on week; including the highs, and any potential lows.

“This week, I took part in my second PT session with Campbell at Places Gym Edinburgh.

"After warming up alone, we began with the up-right row – apparently this is a machine cyclist’s can use when training, if their legs tire out (Campbell told me so). Following this, we moved onto cardio supersets, which included step-ups – with and without weights; who knew it was so hard to do a step-up when you have to also think about tucking in your bum, and not stick out your bust?!

"However, just like my previous session, Campbell was quick to notice where I was going wrong and helped me correct my mistakes.

"Moving onto the battle ropes, Campbell had me running from side to side of the gym, with punches thrown in at the end of each run. He then had me doing one of the exercises I hate, the dreaded sit up. To make matters worse – he decided to make me use the medicine ball at the same time! Very unfair if you ask me, but he said he was part of the process!

"I must say though, I was impressed with myself. I managed to succeed and complete the sets – Campbell was right by my side offering his support; and kneeling on my feet to make sure they didn’t come off the floor (does he not realise this is slightly sore). By the end, I wanted to throw the medicine ball at him - but I managed to refrain; I want to achieve my goals after all! I guess the pain is part of the process.

"After all that, Campbell saw the giggling mess I can become – I did warn him of this side of me – when I’m nervous or in aching. Helping me to stretch out, I had to lay on the floor with one leg in the air and push against his hand; he then pulled my leg towards him and pushed back. I’m pretty sure I could hear other members laughing along with me; if you hear me, it's okay if you laugh - I really can’t help but laugh!

"Although I didn’t make it to the gym 4 times last week, I did spend over an hour running around at the family fitness sessions I run through the Parent/Teacher Council I’m a part of for my boys’ school.

"The goal for next week though; gym 4 times. Stay tuned for the next update!”

Good luck Dawn, we can't wait to see how much you achieve!