Have you tried – Pilates?

An old, easy favourite – Pilates is a more relaxed class to calm your mind and teach your how to use your muscles in a controlled way. A great fitness class to attend if you’ve had a tough week at work or have had a few tough workouts already.

What’s involved?

Low-impact exercises and stretches, a Pilates fitness class is a system of physical conditioning to strengthen your torso muscles, increase your flexibility and relax. Working in harmony with your breathing, the strength and well-being class will enable you to clear your mind and focus on toning your body – it’ll happen without you even realising.

Who’s it for?

It doesn’t matter your age or your experience levels, this class is for anybody who wants to join in. Perhaps you suffer with back pain, struggle to switch your mind off after a tiresome day or simply want to improve on your flexibility and balance – an hour-long Pilates class will help you with all that and more!

Don’t be fooled though – just because Pilates is a low-impact fitness class, doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything the next day. Dedicating your focus to you muscles while in the class, means you’ll be stretching more than you’re used to and the day after… you’ll know you’ve had a workout. Challenging your muscles in new ways is just one great benefit of this class.

How often should I take the class?

Regular attendance is ideal, as it can take a little while to get into the groove of Pilates. However, as it is a fatiguing resistance exercise, you will need to leave a day or so afterwards to recover. Perhaps try a stretch workout a couple of days afterwards to relax your muscles and bring them back to life.

Find your local Places Gym and book onto a Pilates class for free with a free 5-day pass and discover the power of Pilates. You can even bring along a friend for free, if you don’t want to face it alone for the first time.

Let’s get to it!