How many of us have almost tried a fitness class?

Come on; you’ve signed up, thought about it some more and backed out at the last minute because it’s something too new, you’re not sure if it’s for you, or you think there’ll be too many people there who may well laugh at you.

It happens more often than you realise – but fitness classes are one of the best methods of working out. Seriously. Designed to either get your heart racing to burn calories, or practice mindfulness to re-energise yourself; classes are also a sociable place to be – a place where you don’t need to think about what you can do next, because the instructor already has that covered for you.

How do they help?

Joining a fitness class – and then going – ensures you keep on track with your fitness journey and can benefit from learning new routines or methods of exercise. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals all doing the same thing as you can be empowering. Group fitness classes, such as group cycling, often have individuals motivating one another to keep going or to make new friends, as you may have to partner up for some exercise routines.

New to exercise or a gym environment?

Fitness classes mean you don’t have to think of a plan or, you don’t have to make sudden changes if a piece of equipment isn’t available. Each class, from Body Pump through to Pilates, is designed, structured and led by an instructor – real time or virtual. Not only will you be guided through the 30 to 60-minute set, you’ll be shown if you need to improve on your posture, increase your weight limits and even shown how to safely cool-down post-workout. These factors are great for first-time gym-goers, or if you’re new to exercise.

Add variety!

It’s so very easy to get stuck into the same old workout routine. Often when this happens, people stop going to the gym, when they could be looking at new ways to move to the next stage of their fitness journey. Whether you’re looking to increase your cardio, discover how you can stretch out your body more or just need a break from the same old thing – classes will add a touch of variety to your life. Not just that – they’re always fun!

Take a look at the range of fitness classes available from Places Gym and join in for free with a 5-day pass. You can even bring along a friend for free, if you don’t want to face it alone for the first time.

See you soon!