Long COVID Recovery Programme


Have you been dealing with continued tiredness and/or low levels of fatigue that you just can’t shake off? Have you experienced bouts of light-headedness or sore joints and muscles following a COVID-19 infection?

It’s difficult to get excited about exercise when we don’t feel our best. Joint and muscle pain as well as fatigue and tiredness are quite common after a COVID infection and, because of these continued symptoms, we’re less inclined to get back to exercise. However, a lack of action only makes matters worse in most cases.

We can help. The Places Leisure COVID Recovery Programme was launched in October 2021 and is designed to help members and non-members alike rehabilitate and regain their activity levels after a COVID-19 diagnosis. The appropriate level and intensity of exercise can help with these symptoms and the support of a COVID Recovery coach can create a safe and effective exercise opportunity that will help you to overcome these symptoms or assist you with seeking more specific advice should they continue or worsen.

Places Leisure COVID Recovery coaches across England have received industry-accredited qualifications from the CAWS® Rebuild™ training programme. These certified coaches are equipped to work with individuals recovering from COVID-19 and Long-COVID after the acute phase has passed.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. Current statistics from the Office of National Statistics tell us that the percentage of people testing positive continues to increase, and that 2 million individuals in the UK (some 3% of the total population) are experiencing symptoms associated with Long COVID.

Our COVID Recovery Programme is offered to all Premium members at no extra charge.

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What you can expect

  • Initial meeting and assessment
  • Regular 1-to-1 sessions with a certified COVID Recovery coach
  • Personalised exercise programmes
  • Lifestyle and dietary advice
  • Regular monitoring and programme reviews

Next steps

Simply register your interest and one of our friendly COVID Recovery coaches will call you back.

They will talk you through what the programme involves and how it works, plus answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Which centres offer the programme

Running at 58 centres nationally we hope you can find a centre near to you. Simply choose from the list of participating centres below and get in touch using the contact details on the centre page. If your centre is not listed unfortunately, they are not able to offer this programme at this time.


Long COVID Recovery Programme Q&A

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