MOVE with us in March

Spring is upon us – so we’re looking to amp up our workout routines with the use of technology. What does this mean? Well, with so many fitness technologies out there - ranging from wearables to apps – there’s even more encouragement to work towards your goals.

The latest trends

Trends in society are ever changing – and this is no exception to trends in your local gym. Technology is advancing more and more each month and is fast finding a place within our standard fitness routines.

Fitness technology ranges from smart-phone apps such as Places Locker, to booking systems for classes and wearables such as an Apple Watch.

Not only are apps and wearables a novelty thing to have; they’re very convenient and often incomparable. For example, who wants to know just their weight change between gym sessions these days? Nobody.

We want to know:
  • How many calories we burnt
  • What our heart rate was
  • Where we had peaks and drops
  • Our body fat and muscle mass percentages
  • Sleep quality
  • How often we’ve worked out in a week

  • There’s literally an app for everything.

    Smart apps

    In 2020, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have a smart phone. The development of phones over the past few years has seen a surge in the number of apps available for download – especially within the fitness industry.

    With My Fitness Pal to monitor calorie intake and Strava to track your runs, there are so many more you can use throughout the gym.

    At Places Gym, we have the Places Locker app for Apple and Android – a dedicated app where you can:
  • Book onto fitness classes
  • Track your Moves
  • Build yourself a workout plan
  • Take part in monthly challenges
  • Plus, so much more

  • Even within the gym, some equipment such as the WattBikes on-site at most Places Gym sites require the rider to download the WattBike app. This way, the bike will send through a report of your session after use! Pretty cool.

    Wearable technology

    Our phones are now glued to us – there is no getting away from them, try as we might. Which makes them almost a wearable technology – something on you which records your heart rate, your exercises and so on.

    Aside from your phone though, many people have upgraded from the old-fashioned heart-rate monitor strap and gone straight for a smart-watch such as an Apple Watch or a FitBit.

    Throughout March and April, Places Gym will be running a campaign for one lucky winner to receive a free Apple Watch. What do you need to do? It’s simple:
  • Fill in your details on this form
  • Let us know if you want to opt-in to receiving important updates from us
  • Wait to find out if you’re our winner at the end of April!

  • Good luck!

    Don’t forget – enjoy your workouts, enjoy technology. MOVE with Places Gym.