National Fitness Day - 23rd September

National Fitness Day is fast approaching! The most active day of the year, the day the nation celebrates the role that fitness and physical activity plays across the UK, bringing the nation together to celebrate the power that sport and activity has on our physical, mental and social wellbeing. National Fitness Day is all about moving a little more than you usually do. Maybe that's trying something different or adding in an extra rep - what extra activity will you do this year? Members, bring a friend for free this National Fitness Day and let's get the nation moving. Speak with your local Places Gyms club to arrange a day pass To help add variety to your workout on Wednesday 23rd September we have Places Games for you! 4 mini challenges to get involved in this #fitnessday. Who will be victorious... - Core - Longest duration plank - Legs - Max burpees in 1 minute - Arms - Quickest time to complete 20 press ups - Shoulders - Longest duration for holding out 2 x 2kg dumbbells (one in each hand, arms out at sides) If you haven't returned to the gym yet, or working out at home this National Fitenss Day, dont miss out on the fun! Have a go at one or all of our challenges at home and tag us in your attempts @placesgym #placesnfd #imoved #fitnessday Make sure your following us on Instagram. Mention us in your stories and we will re-share!