New class booking process

We’re delighted to be bringing you a new booking system that makes booking classes and your lives a little easier. Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions, and a little bit of what you’ll be able to experience.

When will the new booking system be available?
We will be launching in March 2019. Initially the new booking system will be available on our website only, and then on our Places Locker app shortly afterwards. When will I know the new booking system is available on the website?
Keep an eye on your inbox; we’ll email you on the day of your centre's launch. Also, our teams, on-site communications and social media pages will let you know once we’re live.

What do I need to do to use the new booking system?
The new booking system replaces the old, so if you’re already using it, you don’t need to do anything – you will just notice a slight change in how it looks and works when it’s live. If you have already registered, you don’t need to re-register. You're good to go!

If you haven’t registered yet, but we hold your email address (members, for example) you'll be asked to register when you when you first book.
If we don’t hold your email address, just ask at reception on your next visit, and the team will be happy to add it to your account.

What are the new features that I can look forward to?
‘Quick book’ Book & check-out in just two clicks! This option displays when classes are free to you as part of your membership. Just choose ‘Book now’ and look out for the ‘Quick book’ button.
Rebook If you go to the same classes every week, rebook is perfect for you! Simply go to ‘My bookings’, and click on the button to the right of the class you booked last time.
Easier multiple bookings – Add up to 10 activities to your basket and book in one go!
Filters Find the activities that matter to you, even faster! Whether that’s the type of class, the intensity, the time, or simply what’s available. Select ‘Book now’ and the filters are right there – you can even name your filter and save it to use another time.
Remember your payment details – Paying for a class? You’ll now have the option to save your card details, instead of entering them for every booking.

Any other changes I need to know about?
Yes. You’ve told us that customers cancelling at the last minute means others don’t get the chance to fill the spaces. So, we’re introducing a 4-hour cancellation window, giving those of you that couldn’t book onto full classes a chance to attend. Any cancellations that take place over 4 hours before the class begins won't incur a late cancellation charge. However, if you cancel less than 4 hours before the class, there is a £2.50 late cancellation charge.

How do I cancel my class?
The new booking system gives you complete control 24/7, and you will be able to cancel from your mobile phone or PC just by logging in. You can also cancel by speaking to the reception team or by ringing your club.

We want you to enjoy the new system and because these are new rules, we won’t turn on the late cancellation charge until 1st May 2019. We’d always ask for you to give us as much notification as possible if you cancel, so that other customers can attend the class.

Below is a summary of the charges:
Class (Free as part of membership)
Cancelled more than 4 hours from start of class: NO charge
Late cancellation (cancelled less than 4 hours of start of class): £2.50*
"No show" class not attended: £2.50*

*Booking rights suspended until payment received Class (Chargeable)
Cancellation: Full price of class
"No show" class not attended: Full price of class

Why is the cancellation window 4 hours?
Based on customer feedback, we feel 4 hours is reasonable notice to cancel and it allows other customers enough time to discover the new space and get to the class. We will be reviewing the late cancellation period within the first 2 months of launch to ensure that we have got it right.
A copy of the new terms and conditions will be available when you first book.

Will there be other new booking features?
Yes! The new system allows us to evolve our booking processes, something which we were unable to do before. The next feature will be a notification system that will let customers know when spaces on full classes become available. Right now, we’d ask customers to check back in on classes for availability.

When will I know the new booking system is available for me through Places Locker app?
We are working on an update of Places Locker so when we launch the new booking system on the app, we'll also have a host of new features on the app too! We will be in touch nearer the time to tell you more. Those of you whose apps auto-update don't need to do anything; those who don’t will be notified an app update is available. Until then, you can still book through Places Locker, but it will be our older booking system.

Please check back for updates regularly – answers to any popular questions will be added here.