Transformation complete at Places Gym Sheffield

Throughout July and August, Places Gym Sheffield was closed in part, to undergo refurbishment works in the main gym, spin studio and changing rooms.

Now complete, members are benefiting from the various changes made, and some have commented the gym is better than ever.

What changes have taken place?

Not only did the main gym area receive a new colour scheme and new flooring, the many pieces of equipment have now been re-organised to provide members with more space while working out.

Places member John says: "It's great now - the gym is very big, but the way the equipment was originally laid out made it feel quite small. Now you have more room to workout the way you want, without feeling too close to the member next to you.

"It's no longer a little dull & dark either, the new colours have made everything so much brighter. When you open the doors it just looks & feels totally different."

Not only has the gym received an upgrade, state-of-the-art virtual cycling equipment has been installed in the spin studio.

What is virtual cycling?

An indoor group cycling session, where you can control the intensity. Choose from a range of pre-recorded workouts, and your onscreen instructor will ride with you throughout the session on a series of climbs, sprints and flat riding.

One member said of the new classes: “I haven’t participated in studio cycling in years, I’m more into running, but following the install, I decided to give it a go.The virtual classes are so different, but so great - high intensity cardio but low impact.

“I really felt like I'd worked out at the end, which shocked me. I thought with the instructor being on screen, I wouldn't push myself as hard. I've already scheduled my next session!”

Changes to class timetables

Following the introduction of the virtual spin classes - available as 30 or 45-minute sessions - the fitness timetable has been recently updated. Don't forget to take a look here, so you can book onto your classes!

The changing, changing rooms

While the gym and spin studio have undergone transformations, the changing rooms have also received a make-over.

While the mens change is being finalised, the womens have recently re-opened to reveal new flooring, a new colour scheme and refreshed vanity stations.

Although it may not sound much, the change has provided a very different feel and members have commented how it feels more homely and in-line with the rest of the gym now.

Later in the year

Following the large transformation of the gym, members will soon notice the old staff rooms undergoing some works too. The old rooms will be converted to modern, luxury massage rooms. On-site massage therapists will be on hand for any members who wish to book an appointment following their workout, or to simply unwind. More information about our massage therapists and their services will be released following the works.

Club manager, Gemma, says: "On behalf of everyone at Places Gym Sheffield, I just want to thank our dedicated members for their incredible patience. It hasn't always been easy - due to some minor delays here and there - but we're now on-top and ready to go.

"The gym is very much a modern gym now, ready to provide members with the equipment, advice and trainers they need to reach their fitness goals."

Take a further look at Places Gym Sheffield, and join in online if you aren't already a member.