Get active with Places Gym

Places Gym launched in 2015 with the opening of Places Gym Sheffield which remains our flagship Club.
In the years that followed, the brand continued to grow opening Places Gym Preston in 2016 and acquired 3 former Simply Gym Clubs in Chesterfield, Telford and Hinckley in late 2017.
October 2018 will see the opening of Places Gym Edinburgh which is the first Club to open within a Places for People housing development. Places Gym Edinburgh is part of the Engine Yard development on Leith Walk.

Places Gym is committed to ensure all clubs are ‘made to move you’ this is in the quality of the kit, the knowledge of our employees and motivating members to keep achieving their goals.

Benefits of getting fit & healthy
There are many benefits of living an active lifestyle, especially the impact which exercising can have on your wellbeing and mentality which carries through in to your daily life and in the workplace.

Regular exercise can reduce your risk of major illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke by up to 50% and lower the risk of early death by £30%. (
Physical activity will also boost self-esteem, overall mood, sleep quality, higher energy levels as well as reducing the risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many benefits of exercising which will aid you at work. Regular exercise has a massive impact on the brain which makes you more productive, boosts your creativity and keeps you focused.

Memberships As an employee of Places for People (and subsidiary groups) you have access to a free membership and health checks at any Places Gym. Please note visits will be charged internally to your department. Places Gym will run a monthly activity report which will tell us how many visits an employee has made each month.

Friend/Family referral Places Gym wants to help keep your friends and family members healthy too! It’s a fact that working out with a partner will keep you motivated and focused in the gym. You’re more likely to attend more often, stay longer and try new exercises and classes.
Share promo code: REFER with your future gym partner to save 50% off the start-up fee at your local club.

Health Checks
As well as being entitled to a Places Gym membership, our team of experienced and knowledgeable fitness team will provide you with a free health check to the staff in your workplace.
A health check will evaluate your current fitness levels plus using our specialist equipment we can measure;
-Body Fat Percentage
-Muscle Percentage
-BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate)
-Metabolic Age
-Visceral Fat (Bad fat around the organs)

To arrange your free health check contact us at Refer to page 7 to see how you can promote health checks amongst your team.

Places Gym Staff Usage Policy