Places Gym Preston member completes summer challenge

Places Gym member Rachael entered a prize draw earlier this year to win a 12-week Shape Up for Summer programme – and won! Open to all, one winner was chosen from each of the six Places Gyms.

Rachael has now completed her 12-week programme, with the help of Places Gym Preston trainer Andy, and feels better than ever. Before starting the programme, Rachael wasn’t a member of a gym and weighed almost 13stone, measuring in at:

  • 41” chest
  • 39” waist
  • 40” hips

  • Just like so many of us who may struggle with losing weight and maintaining the result, or who are unsure of what you can do in the gym, the 12-week programme came at the right time for Rachael who wasn’t a member of any gym, but knew she wanted to look and feel different this summer.

    Rachael says: “Having fluctuated in weight over the years, I was so happy to have won a dedicated 12-week programme for me to not only lose weight and get fit – but to understand the best ways for me to work out in the gym and maintain a healthier body.”

    Andy worked with Rachael to put together a personal programme they could both agree on. While it is important for individuals to know what they would like to change and therefore the goals to reach, it is important for personal trainers to work towards these goals in safe, smart and fun ways.

    "Working with Rachael during the Shape Up for Summer challenge has been a great pleasure - she has changed a number of bad habits and routines that have been stopping her making progress in the past. This wasn't easy for Rachael, as she was admittedly doing these out of habit without even thinking about it (chocolate after meals, choosing convenient ready meals) but she turned a corner and has been reaping the rewards of her hard work, new habits and routines!” says Andy.

    “She has lost 8 lbs without being super strict. Rachael’s still enjoyed a few drinks and meals out with friends and family - but is now feeling more confident in her clothes and fitter in day to day life!”

    While Rachael gradually lost weight over the course of the 12-week programme, it was more intense than she initially thought. “It isn’t easy starting new exercises and having a trainer push you – you realise how much slack you give yourself when training on your own. But, Andy encouraged me to keep going and I’m ever so glad he did – I feel so much better within myself, I have more energy now!”

    Rachael’s new weight is 12stone 2pounds – an incredible change. But what’s more impressive is the physical changes to her body, dropping 2” from her chest, 3.5” from her waist and 3.5” from her hips.

    “When you only have a few pounds or a couple of stone to lose, people don’t realise it can actually be harder. Your body isn’t as shocked as it would be if you were a heavier weight trying to lose over 5 stone for example. It can be a slow progress which sometimes make it difficult for people to find the motivation to continue, but when the results come through you find that push you needed,” explains Andy.

    “It was very much this way for Rachael. Seeing the difference in confidence in Rachael is why I love my coaching and I hope that she continues to keep working hard and reaches her goals in the future.”

    Have you started working on your fitness journey yet? Speak with our team of personal trainers if you’re looking for some advice on how you can level up and really make a difference to your training.

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