Our Places Locker app is available for FREE with a Places Gym membership and now includes access to our Virtual Studio.

Places Locker app is your go-to fitness partner!

It tracks your all activity, in the gym and out, as well as offering new workouts, digital challenges and quick access to bookings. Plus, you can pair it with a range of different apps and ‘wearables’ so you can see just how active you are.

Places Locker is available for Apple and Android devices.

Simply visit the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Refreshed: Places Locker Virtual Studio

If home workouts have become a valued part of your fitness routine since lockdown, why not get the best of both worlds with Places Locker Virtual Studio?! Our Virtual Studio gives you the ability to supplement your exercise at the centre with 1000s of live stream and on demand workouts to do from the comfort of your own home.

Places Access - part of a FREE Places Membership

  • 50+ workouts from our partners
  • 10 Les MILLS technique videos
  • 6+ new LES MILLS workouts every 12 weeks
  • 1000s of Pay as you Move live stream workouts

  • Essential Access - £5 per month

  • 50+ workouts from our partners
  • 110+ new LES MILLS workouts every 12 weeks
  • Up to 30% off 1000s of live stream workouts

  • You'll need to create a free Places membership account if you're new to us. Once your account is confirmed, please log in and choose your local centre. Select 'Places Membership' to register for free access to the Virtual Studio or get even more with 'Essential Virtual Studio'. You can also upgrade in the app itself.

    Are you already a member? Simply log in via the app or the member area on the website.

    More about Places Locker

    Book your classes quickly and easily on the go through Places Locker! When you attend your workout, the system automatically adds your MOVEs to your profile.

    Extensive exercise library with digital coaching
    With over 2500 different exercises, Places Locker has something for everyone. It knows the equipment available at your preferred Places Leisure Centre and will tailor your workout to suit. When using Technogym equipment in your gym, simply scan the QR code for more info on technique and suggested workouts.

    Rate your workout
    How was that workout, how did it feel? Rate it and use your scores to find patterns in your progress and results. Smashing Monday evenings, but always finding Wednesday mornings hard work? Change your routine to suit. Loving the Friday cardio but bored of the Saturday programme? You know what to do!

    Workout of the Week
    If you want to vary your routine, ‘Workout of the Week’ could be what you need. Each week, you’ll find a recommended workout for you to try, taking the hassle out of mixing up your fitness programme.

    Digital challenges
    With regular digital fitness challenges available, you can challenge yourself or compete with other Places Locker users! We try to vary the type of exercise involved so that you'll always find a challenge that suits you, whether that's running, cycling, classes or just the amount of activity you do.

    GPS tracking
    Track the distance, pace and MOVEs of your walk, run or cycle with our GPS function. Select ‘Outdoor tracking activity’ on the home screen, choose your activity and you're all set! You can even add a playlist!

    Pair apps and wearables
    Places Locker lets you bring together your centre activities with all other activities to build MOVEs and get the full picture of your activity. Sync with other applications such as Apple Health, Strava, MapMyRun as well as working with popular wearables such as SWIMTAG, Fitbit and Garmin.

    If a bit of healthy competition is your thing, you can compare your daily and weekly MOVEs against other people in your centre. But if that’s not for you, simply make your profile private in your settings.

    View your results
    All your activities are accessible in the Results tab, so you can see your progress over the weeks and months.

    Share your achievements
    Proud of your workout? Share it quickly and easily to social media or send it privately to friends and family!

    A word about MOVEs!
    MOVEs are a measure of your daily physical activity. Scientifically, MOVEs are a calculation of activity duration and intensity based on metabolic equivalents (METs). 1 MET is defined as 1kcal/kg/hour, which is roughly equivalent to resting, so the more active you are the more the MOVEs you earn.

    Unlike the number of calories burned, MOVE scores are independent of body weight, gender or age; so they are a more effective way of comparing your activity levels to those of your friends - creating a level playing field.

    To be active you should aim for 750 MOVEs per day. As a guide to daily activity:
    LOW ACTIVE: 0-499 MOVEs
    ACTIVE: 750-999 MOVEs

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