Achieve your goals in 2019 with Places Gym

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Has fitness taken a back seat over Christmas?
We know what it’s like. You get caught up in the excitement of the festive season & staying active falls to the bottom of your to-do list. A session in the gym becomes a cosy night in & lunches become a throw-together of leftover party food. Now the New Year is here, are you’re looking to get back into a routine? Let us help you with some tips from our Personal Trainers.

Have a plan
Ensure you set some clear goals you want to achieve and ensure they are realistic and are set within a certain time period. Focus on the outcome of these goals and what they mean to you - feeling healthier/fitter, improved body shape/tone, improved energy levels etc.

Plan your weekly routine in advance. We are all leading busier lifestyles so ensure you plan to succeed by setting time aside for exercise. It doesn't need to be long either; HIIT based training is one of the UK's top 10 fitness trends and is likely to continue strong into 2019.

Healthy eating
After the festivities some of us will be feeling a bit guilty about all the food and drink we’ve consumed over Christmas and it’s a key time to refocus on our diets and ensure you maintain a balanced approach to the number of calories you are consuming based upon your goals. It’s important that your diet meets your training needs to ensure that you are getting the most benefits out of your training.

Take it slow
Every year we see the regular pattern of everyone striving for their New Year’s resolutions of a healthier lifestyle only to see them losing their motivation by the end of March. This could be down to not getting results they want, poor planning, poor diet or following a fitness regime that is not effective for that individual.
Another reason is that people over train to the point that it becomes unrealistic to maintain their fitness regime. Just because it’s the New Year, doesn’t mean you have to go full on beast mode in the gym. Ease yourself back into the routine in small doses. Start by going once a week & adding more days as you settle back into a routine.

Make exercise fun!
Ensure you have an exercise programme you enjoy. Try out some new equipment in the gym and make your sessions more interactive and challenging. Training with a friend also makes it more social and you are likely to achieve better results.

Share with us your workout selfies, whether that be in the gym or walking the dog for the chance to win a free PT session to kick start your 2019.

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