Places Gym member, Nikki, shares her fitness journey

Following on from National Fitness Day 2019, Places Gym Preston member Nikki, shared with us her own personal journey. Having started a weight-loss mission earlier this year, after feeling unhappy about her body shape, Nikki joined the gym and began a 6-week In-Shape programme with PT Sarah.

"Back in May this year, I went over to my friends for a hot tub party - why not - but it all turned south when I began to feel insecure about my body. The more I thought about it, the more worked up I got, when I started to cry on my friend Victoria about me wearing a swimsuit, everyone seeing me and just how uncomfortable I felt.

"I knew I couldn't keep feeling how I did and not do anything about it. So, I joined Places Gym in June and began training with Sarah straight away. My starting weight was 11.5 stone - some might think that isn't much, but it all depends how you feel, and for me, I didn't like it.

"Sarah's support has been endless. She checked in on me even when it wasn't time for our sessions, she kept me on track with my goals, pushed me when I thought I couldn't do any more - I honestly don't know what I'd have done without her.

"Even my friends at the gym - some who I knew already, some I made during my first couple of months. They've all been there for me - even when I've been tempted to demolish some cake!

"I've now succeeded in losing 1.5 stone and feel so much better within myself.

"I still have a long-way to go before I reach my total comfort zone and feel more body confident - but I am on the right track! I feel amazing. Not just amazing, more confident than before and stronger, stronger both physically and mentally.

"I'd say for anyone who feels hesitant about joining a gym, if I can do it, you can do it."

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