Important information about your membership and re-opening

As we patiently await the Government's announcement on the re-opening of pools, gyms and leisure centres, we wanted to touch base and get you ready so you can get back to your gym when we are told that at long last, we can re-open our doors for you.

We know that the past year has been incredibly challenging for everyone. We also know that health and fitness is likely to be at the forefront of your mind. Wherever you are at this stage of your exercise journey - whether you want to start a new fitness routine for three hours a week, train every day, or create a new social routine with friends you haven't hugged for the past year-we want you to know that, at every stage of your journey, you've got this. And, rest assured, we've got you.

This message contains quite a bit of information, so be sure to keep it handy for future reference!

Gym sessions open first
You will be aware that the Government are easing lockdown restrictions in stages, and, provided that we are allowed to open on 12th April, this will be for individual gym workouts only. Group exercise classes will not resume until 17th May at the earliest. For the latest, detailed information on your local gym's re-opening please click here.

Advanced booking available from 1st April
Please note that our advanced booking slots will be live and available for pre-booking from 1st April. As mentioned above, group exercise classes will not resume until 17th May at the earliest, so until that time, you can pre-book a gym session, or in select gyms (Hinckley and Sheffield), an individual, socially distanced workout area with sanitised equipment. As a quick reminder on how to book, please click here.

Covid-secure safety measures
Places Gym is committed to keeping our community safe and healthy. As we reopen our gyms, we will continue to maintain our stringent cleaning procedures and social distancing protocols. To ensure social distancing and revised capacities, all activities need to be pre-booked either online or via the Places Locker app. Don't forget, Members can book their sessions up to 14 days in advance.

Read more about our Covid-busting cleanliness measures here.

Payments and frozen memberships - next steps
Once our gyms re-open, all memberships will be re-activated including those that have previously been frozen. If you would like to submit a new freeze request, please do so between 1st and 7th April, to avoid direct debit charges restarting in April. Simply access the freeze portal when you log-in to the Member area via the app or website. You can then choose to re-freeze your membership for up to six months.

Our payments partner, Harlands, will be emailing you shortly, telling you when your first payment will be and how much.

For further membership payment information, please click here.

Free Virtual Essential Studio Membership continues - re-login required
Until our gyms re-open and group exercise classes resume, we're delighted to continue your complimentary upgrade to the Essential Virtual Studio, available on our website or, the Places Locker app. Featuring 1000s of live stream and on demand workouts, including Les Mills workouts and our brand new Synergy Dance and FunkFit channels, we offer a wide and diverse range of content for you to choose from. Why not bring your app to your pre-booked, individual workout session and workout with our equipment?

Please note - to continue your free access to the Virtual Essential Studio, we ask that you simply log out and log back in to reset your next complimentary timeframe.

From our members
We regularly survey our visitors to improve your experience and we love hearing your feedback and sharing it with our teams. We are delighted that our customers feel safe and secure in our hands, here's just a sample of the comments from those who have experienced the measures we have put in place over the last 12 months:

“Safety measures put in place are first class. Social distancing is being maintained. Plus, the gym and the team are fantastic, friendly and always helpful.”
Alan, Places Gym Sheffield

“After the lock Covid-19 lockdown, the gym has taken the social distancing rules quite seriously and because of this I was more than happy to start back training. I liked the Red zoned off areas and that hand wipes and sanitizer were ready available. I also thought that the booking in system works quite well, as it limits the amount of people attending.”
Andrew, Places Gym Hinckley

“Polite and helpful staff and trainers; bright new and clean environment. Equipment well maintained. Duty of care given with Covid. All round a pleasant experience. Meets all of my fitness and training needs. Everything a gym and fitness suite should be. Hats off Places Gym. Give yourselves a pat on the back - you deserve it”
Scott, Places Gym Edinburgh

On behalf of the entire Places Gym Team, thank you for your continued support. We are so excited to welcome you back and support you on the next chapter of your post-lockdown, fitness and wellbeing journey!

The Places Gym Team