We are constantly reviewing our guidance and policies and the following advice is correct as of 18th June 2020. Please note, as the situation progresses we will continue to review our approach and it is subject to change in the future.

As we get the green light from the Government, we’ll evaluate the safe opening of our gyms. As soon as we know, you will too.

We can’t wait to welcome you back when you’re ready. This is the information we feel will reassure you of what’s in place now and what will be in place later. We want you to make an informed decision about your return to your gym. We’d particularly like to draw your attention to the payments sections – you are able to extend the suspension period should you wish. Please also note that all sessions (gym and classes) need to be pre-booked.

Our gyms: Cleanliness & social distancing

Your gym’s opening timeline | Membership payments and freezing

Pre-booking, arriving at and leaving the gym | Changing rooms

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Our gyms: Cleanliness & social distancing

We’ve always been proud of our gyms and we know that the key reassurance you need to visit and enjoy your activity in a safe environment is for us to maintain and improve our cleaning standards. 

This goes hand in hand with managing the footfall in our gyms. You’ll see from the programme in place that we have taken every effort to ensure that we have time to clean down between before and after sessions, and that the programme, coupled with the need to book ahead, complements footfall throughout the whole centre, not just the space you’re in. 

Please find below more information on how we’re working hard to keep you safe and ensure you have an enjoyable visit.

  • All activities in our gyms will operate in sessions and must be booked. This will help us control the number of people on site, which means we ensure a safe distance between our visitors. Please click here for more information on booking.
  • Between all sessions, we have factored in a 30-minute changeover period to allow for you to exit your session safely and for our teams to clean the facilities. Gym sessions will last 60 minutes.
  • Not all facilities will be open at our sites. We have decided to only open facilities where we can ensure your and our team’s safety. Click here to find your local gym list and what facilities will be open.
  • Changing rooms will be available at all sites. We will provide cleaning wipes for you to use in the lockers. Find out more about our guidelines for changing rooms here.
  • Where possible, we encourage you to enter the gym using your membership QR code rather than your membership card, to prevent contact. Find out here whether your local gym will have this option. 
  • You may notice some differences in our gym’s reception areas. We will have plastic screens set up at reception kisoks to protect you and our team. We will also have markers on the floor and around the gym to guide you safely – we ask that you follow these to keep yourself and others safe. We will have signage around the gym to help you with this.
  • Sanitising spray and wipes will be provided around the gym for use on equipment and lockers. Our teams will ensure that these are monitored and replenished where required.

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    Your gym’s opening timeline

    Our gyms and their facilities are opening on different dates so your gym may not open the same day as others. Please choose your gym below to find out when it will open and which facilities will be available to use.







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    Membership payments and freezing

    We’ve put in place new processes that ensure that your gym is a safe and hygienic environment where you can once again enjoy keeping active and reaching your goals. We’re ready to welcome you back whenever you’re ready and our payment systems ensure that you still feel in control. 

    As a reminder, all memberships were frozen free of charge on March 20th 2020 and they will resume when your gym re-opens. Your Direct Debit will be adjusted to allow for the days you have paid for whilst your centre has been closed. We will reimburse you if you paid after we closed, so your first Direct Debit payment after we re-open will be less than normal. There may however be some instances where your March payment was due after the 20th and therefore wasn’t collected. This means that depending on the day we re-open, we may charge you for the number of days that were not paid. More information on how this was calculated is below.

    How was my next payment calculated?

    Calculations were based on 30-day months and that all of our gyms closed on 20th March. At the moment, our gyms’ openings will be staggered.

    If your last payment was in March 2020:

  • If a Direct Debit was collected between and including 1st March and 20th March, you will receive 10 days credit on July’s payment.
  • If a Direct Debit was collected between the 21st and 25th March and not refunded, this full payment will be carried over to July.
  • If a Direct Debit was collected between the 21st and 25th March and this payment was refunded, your payment will be collected on the appropriate day in July.
  • Any promotional 3-month joiners in March will be credited the remaining days from opening.
  • Any days paid for in the March payment that would have been for April will be credited against the July payment.

  • From July 2020:

  • All payment from the 1st July will be collected once we have a confirmed opening date for your gym.
  • You payment may be collected on a different date in July and you will be notified of this.
  • July Direct Debits will be credited with the number of days between your standard Direct Debit date and gym opening date.
  • Direct Debit payments that were refunded from March may be required to pay additional days in July from opening to your standard Direct Debit date.
  • Credits over and above the standard payment in July will be credited against the August Direct Debit.

  • Would you like your membership to remain frozen? 

    We know from your feedback that some of you may prefer to stay frozen and just pay for a one-off visit, and you are able to do just that. Customers who choose to freeze can still access the gyms by paying the Pay as You Move price. 

    Did you know that our normal suspension rules allow for 6 months’ free suspension in any 12-month period? We’d like to reassure you that all previous suspensions you may have had (for injury, exercise breaks etc) and those that we applied as a result of the temporary closure don’t count towards any new suspensions. From the point of re-opening, this gives you up to 6 months of suspension – how long for is up to you. 

    Please note that if you don’t freeze your payments by within XXXX of your gym re-opening, contractual payments and periods will resume. Freezing your membership will prevent access to the facility until your payments restart.

    If you are an annual member, please see the section below for information on freezing your membership.

    If you are not an annual member and choose to remain frozen there are two ways to do this:

  • Manage it yourself in your member area. Your username is the email address you use for your membership.
  • If you don’t have an email address, or simply prefer to talk to someone, you can contact our membership team at Harland’s. Their dedicated Places Gym team are available by emailing placesgym@harlandsgroup.co.uk or by calling 01444 221052.

  • To freeze in the member area, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the member area or the Places Locker app.
    2. Click on My Membership, in your online account, and click the freeze button against your membership.
    3. Complete the freeze request form.
    4. You can return to this page to extend the freeze.

    We’d like to remind you that however you choose to visit, your activity needs to be pre-booked. This is the best way we can manage capacity in the centre and ensure the correct conditions for social distancing are in place. Most importantly, it will save you a wasted trip. Please view our pre-booking section for more information on this.

    Please note that at this time, we cannot make changes to your membership.

    Do you pay upfront for an annual membership?  

    You may receive an extension (equal to the length of our closure) to your membership.

    If your membership expired whilst we were closed, please find more information below:

  • If your membership expired between the 18th February and 13th March, you will be given 30 days to renew, when your centre reopens.
  • If your membership expired between 14th March and 19th May, you will be credited with the days we were closed. You will also receive an additional 14 days to renew.
  • If your membership expired after the 20th May, you will experience the normal renewal process. 
  • If you are an annual member and would like to freeze your membership, you can do so for between 1 and 3 months. Please email us to do this.

    Do you have a membership via GymFlex?

    Members with annual selection windows with their employer will be provided with a pro rata renewal membership to accommodate for the closure. If you do not wish to renew your GymFlex membership, an extension will be added to your expiry date to reimburse for the closure period. If you require any further information, please contact GymFlex directly for guidance.

    Do you have a pass from Hussle?

    If you have any questions regarding a Hussle Monthly+ pass, Day Pass or FitFix pass, please get in touch with Hussle directly on info@hussle.com and they will be able to help with any queries.

    Our closure announcement

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    Pre-booking, arriving at and leaving the gym

    Booking ahead 

    Now isn’t the time for a wasted trip or to be standing in a queue, so we have introduced booking for the gym as well as for classes. Although it’s a little different from simply turning up, it is the best way for you to plan and know with certainty that a place is available. It means we can control the footfall and this is a key feature of maintaining social distancing. Plus, it saves our teams handling cash.

    We advise that you book all sessions (gym and classes) in advance but if this isn’t possible, you can arrive at the gym and we will allow you to book a slot if one’s available. A member of the team will help you set up booking online so that you can book in advance next time and avoid potential disappoint/queues.

    You will be able to book sessions the day before your site opens. After that, you will have your normal booking rights, which is 14 days for Direct Debit and annual members.

    Please note that you will only be able to take part in the activity in the centre that you have pre-booked. After your session has ended, we ask that you leave the centre to ensure our total visitor count remains safe.

    What do I need to do to be able to book online? 

    There are 3 ways to book:

    1. Via the member area. If you haven’t registered yet, remember to use the email address linked to your membership record.
    2. Via our Places Locker app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play. Again, please make sure your username is the email address linked to your membership.
    3. If you haven’t linked your email address to your membership, you can also ring your gym to book, and the team will be happy to help link an email to your membership to allow you to book online in the future. Please be aware that our gyms will understandably be managing a high volume of calls.

    The Places Locker app is the quickest way to book your sessions.

    Direct Debit and annual members have 14 days’ advanced booking rights, and Places members have 7 days’ advanced rights. 

    We appreciate things change, so you can cancel free of charge up to 2 hours before you visit – we really appreciate you doing this as it helps us give other customers an opportunity to attend. 

    Arriving at the gym 

    You’ll have read about the importance of booking ahead and it is essential that you do so – we’re looking to manage the numbers in the centres and for you it means no wasted trips and fewer queues.

    Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled activity. If you arrive really early, please consider waiting in your car or you may be asked to wait outside the centre. We’d recommend that wherever possible you arrive dressed for your activity and shower at home. Click here for more information on getting changed at your gym.

    At our busiest gyms, a member of the team may be at the entrance to greet and assist you. They are there to help all of you enjoy a safe and socially distanced visit.

    Please have your card ready and allow a few extra minutes more than you normally would just in case progress through reception is a little slower because of social distancing measures.

    You’ll find supplies of hand sanitiser and wipes available in reception and throughout the gym.

    To aid the safe flow of people around the gym we introduced one-way systems in places or use alternative entrances/exits, so your route around the gym may be different to normal. Our new signage will guide you.

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    Changing rooms

    Although changing rooms will be available, for social distancing purposes, we’d encourage you to turn up ready to go and to shower at home. Please see your gym’s information page for updates on this.

    Getting changed for classes and the gym

    We recommend all members arrive dressed for their workout to ease demand on changing rooms and showers.

    In the changing rooms:

  • Lockers will be available for your use
  • Showers will be available for your use
  • Toilets/washrooms will be available, but may be restricted
  • Disabled and baby change facilities will be available
  • Wipes will be available for you to clean lockers before and after use
  • Please note that at all sites, hand dryers will be available to use but hairdryers and water fountains will not be in use.

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    Our teams

    You’ve always taken time out to ask how our teams were during our closure, and we’d like to reassure you that our responsibility to our teams goes hand in hand with our responsibility to you.  Social distancing will be in place throughout the gyms and this includes those areas you don’t see, in our offices for example.

    Teams will be provided with masks where their role/task requires it, and you’ll see that we’ve introduced reception screens, and minimised requirements for cash handling and unnecessary queues. Your help by booking ahead, following signage and any guidance from our Placemakers (the greeter you may see) is appreciated, and contactless payments are encouraged over cash payments.

    We love to help you hit your goals and help you enjoy activity, and now is no different – there’s just social distancing to factor in when we do this.   

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    Customer responsibility

    We’ve missed you and we can’t wait to welcome you back when you feel ready.

    We’ve put a lot of changes in place, with tiny details beyond what we’ve shared here, but our new safety process is at its best when we all play a part. Aside from respecting Government guidelines, we ask that you look out for each other. If you feel unwell, please stay home and stay safe. If you have any concerns about visiting that you would like to discuss, the team at your local gym will be happy to help and support you.  

    It’s your gym and we value your feedback. Our best chance of putting something right is during your visit – our teams are happy to hear what more we can do to make the environment the best and most reassuring it can be. We’ll also be using our surveys to check-in on how we’re doing. Please keep an eye on your email.

    We’d like to draw your attention to the membership payments section – you have the option to freeze for longer should you wish to.

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    There’s a number of key differences to your gym experience when we re-open. Here’s what you need to know: 

    1. Please be aware that you now need to book your gym session. Sessions are available in 1-hour slot and can be booked via our app or website – to book online, or register, please click here.  When registering or downloading our Places Locker app please use the email address linked to your membership. 
    2. You may notice two or more gym areas on the timetable for you to choose from when booking. This is because we have moved equipment into other areas to ensure you can maintain safe social distancing.
    3. Personal training and team support are still available but social distancing applies. 
    4. At a number of gyms with two or more gym areas you’ll notice these on the timetable. 
    5. Please bring your own water as water fountains are unavailable. 
    6. Changing rooms will be available in the early days after re-opening, as will toilets and wash basins.  To ease demand on these facilities however, we ask that you please arrive dressed for your session, with the minimum of belongings. 
    7. The need for social distancing means that you will find equipment spaced out, or some equipment marked as unavailable. Gym floors will also be clearly marked, so it is clear the space you have available. 
    8. We always appreciate you looking out for each other – gym etiquette has never been more important than it is now. 
      1. Please maintain social distancing at all times. Our signage is there to help.
      2. Please clean down any equipment you use. 
      3. If you feel unwell, please stay home and stay safe. If you have any concerns about visiting that you would like to discuss, the team at your local gym will be happy to help and support you. 
      4. Please follow requests from our fitness team – they are there to help. 
    9. Hand sanitisers and wipes are available throughout the gym and studios – please use them for yourself and for cleaning down any equipment. We will also use the time before and after slots to ensure the environment is thoroughly cleaned for the next customers. 

    Do you pay monthly or annually for your membership? Are you nervous about returning? Please refer to the payment section for how you can freeze your membership for a little while longer. 

    Getting active again

    Many of you have told us that keeping active during lockdown was challenging.  Our fitness teams are here to help you get back on track.  Whilst you are booking time in the gym, we can’t guarantee your favourite area of the gym won’t be busy and there may be a little less equipment.  If you need to vary your routine to get the best from your session, please just ask a member of the team – they may stand a little away but their expertise is still available. 

    We will be running gym introductions for new members, which will be bookable online. For information on pre-booking sessions, please visit our pre-booking section.

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    We have put in place a number of changes to our class/studio programme for re-opening.  Here’s what you need to know. 

    1. You’ll already be familiar with booking your classes, but not it’s even more important. Bookings can be via our app or website – to book online or register please click here. When registering or downloading Places Locker app please use the email address linked to your membership.
    2. We will use time before and after classes to ensure the environment is thoroughly cleaned for the next customers.
    3. Please bring your own water whilst water fountains are unavailable. 
    4. At a number of gyms, the location of your class may change. This allows us to make popular classes available to as many of you as possible, whilst ensuring social distancing.  Please check timetables and signage. 
    5. The need for social distancing means that classes are spaced on the timetable to allow footfall to flow safely. Because the gym also requires booking, you’ll notice that the timetables are complementary to the overall traffic throughout the building, not just the studios.
    6. Virtual classes are still available, please check the timetables. However, some classes that require the sharing of equipment have been removed.
    7. Changing rooms will be available in the early days after re-opening, as will toilets and wash basins.  To ease demand on these facilities however, we ask that you please arrive dressed for your session, with the minimum of belongings. 
    8. We always appreciate you looking out for each other – and class etiquette has never been more important than it is now.
      • Please maintain social distancing in the studio and when exiting the class. Our signage will help. 
      • Please clean down any equipment you use. 
      • If you feel unwell, please stay home and stay safe. If you have any concerns about visiting that you would like to discuss, the team at your local gym will be happy to help and support you.  
      • Please follow requests from our instructors; they are here to help. 
    9. Hand sanitisers and wipes are available throughout the gym and studios. 

    Do you pay monthly or annually for your membership?  Are you nervous about returning? Please refer to the payment section for how you can freeze your membership for a little while longer.

    Getting active again

    Many of you have told us that keeping active during lockdown was challenging, and you’ll be pleased to know that whilst classes return, the home workout content on our Virtual Studio is still available, as a top-up to your gym visits, or for those not yet ready to return. 

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    As we re-open our gyms, we’re following all government guidance as well as taking a sensible view to managing footfall. This means that our cafés may be unavailable. Where café services are available, please observe the distancing signage and guidance in place.

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    Places Locker

    Before and during the our closure we’ve made some great home workout content available and the good news is that this will continue after we re-open. If you’re nervous about visiting the gym or simply want to top up your gym activity at home, just download our Places Locker app and make the most of our Virtual Studio. 

    It includes loads of workouts, including your favourite LES MILLS classes, cycling content from Stages, and challenging HIIT classes from RT24.  This all sits alongside challenges within the app, GPS tracking and our own workout content. 

    Places Locker also allows you to book your sessions, which is of particular importance going ahead for all activities at the centre. It is free to download and use and can be used by all members. If you are a member already and don’t yet use the app, please register here to use it and ensure that you use the same email address linked to your membership.

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