January was a practice run for many of us

The New Year has kicked in, but we’re feeling the slump. It feels as though January is 310-days long, not 31. Also – when were you last paid?!

As if this wasn’t enough to cope with, we all had such good intentions of setting New Year fitness goals and really sticking to them this time. So, hands-up – who’s already given up?

It can be tough. But February is upon us - time to start again! At Places Gym, we’re made to move you and want to share basic tips on how to create simple goals – and stick to them!

Let’s try again

The mornings are getting lighter now; it’s easier to wake-up and get going. The nights are slowly lasting longer too, with it not going dark until just past 5pm. Your first goal should be to simply get yourself to your workout.

Just getting yourself to the gym can sometimes be the hardest part. Believe us, we know. But – once you’ve made it to the gym, you instantly feel empowered. You’ve made it! Time to get going!

What’s next?

Forget the ‘all or nothing’ mindset. If you’ve planned to do a full 60-minute workout but wake up a little too late to make that whole hour; many of us don’t bother going to the gym at all.

But, why? If this happens, rearrange your workout and complete a 45-minute or 30-minute cardio or HIIT blast. Life can get in the way, so we must be adaptable. Forget ‘all or nothing’ – try ‘something is better than nothing’.

Remaining consistent with your workouts is key – as long as you try to make it to the gym on the same 3-days per week, for example, you’ll soon be on your way to reaching your goals.

Keep your goals in your mind

Visualise. Visualising your goals is key. This doesn’t mean ‘visualise what you’ll look like when you’ve lost 2-stone’ – no.

We mean, visualise yourself at the gym – doing your workout, getting sweaty, pushing through and feeling good!

Don’t forget to remember how you feel after you’ve worked out – keep that feeling in mind to visualise the next time it comes to working out, but you’re struggling to build up the momentum.

Embrace the small wins

What is your end goal? Focus on your end goal – but don’t forget to embrace the small wins along the way. By doing this, you’ll continue to feel a sense of achievement in the buildup to your ideal end outcome.

For example; if your end goal is to run 5k in 20minutes – celebrate the small wins by patting yourself on the back each time your 1k time gets faster.

Build your own confidence and remember why you started out on this fitness journey. Each time you get a little stronger, run a bit quicker or lose another pound – you’re on your way to the end goal. Hold onto that and let it drive you further.

What has been your biggest achievement so far? Share with us online @placesgym and say #imoved.