Summer body in progress...

Wouldn’t it be awesome to hit the beach feeling fit, energetic and confident in your body this summer?
As we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer, so many of us have already started to think about bearing all around the pool, attending a friends wedding or family BBQ's.
We have asked Personal Trainer Jake to share his 5 quick tips to make that dream summer body a reality.

1. Set goals
Don’t just look at that number on the weighing scales. Think about setting a goal that’s likely to maintain your motivation, like lifting 3 more reps, or a extra kilometre more on the treadmill – the strength and the endurance you gain for the extra exercise will help - no matter what the scales say!

2. Routine
Choose a routine that works for you. Different activities work for different people – some prefer to exercise at home and others prefer the gym. Some prefer a flexible exercise schedule whereas others need regimented time slots devoted to exercise. Some like to mix it up and some prefer to do the same exercises in the same sequence. You’re more likely to adhere to your exercise plan if it fits your style.

3. Buddy Up
Buddy up with a friend who has the same goals. Enlist a friend to participate in your workout regime in order to stay motivated and push yourself harder and more frequently. If you can’t recruit pals, you can still enjoy working out with others by taking a group exercise class to boost your performance and accountability.

4. Drink Plenty of Water
Water acts as a natural detox that can act as an appetite suppressant. If you want to lose weight in a fast and healthy way, cutting sugary drinks and alcohol to replace with water will significantly increase your metabolism. Not only will hydrating yourself properly give you flawless skin, but also decreases muscle exhaustion and re-energises your body as it enters its post-workout recovery phase. An increase in the amount of water you consume also makes your body resistant to retaining large masses of water weight. A quick tip to dropping a few pounds of water weight can come from carrying around a 1 litre bottle of water while trying to fill it up at least twice a day.

5. Stay Consistent Trust me, I know it’s hard to find the motivation to watch your body’s intake and balance with all the stresses of life, but staying consistent will have your body looking and feeling amazing as you head back to campus in the fall. Developing consistency now will aid in keeping a healthy lifestyle as classes start again, keeping the summer bod results year round.