Summer smoothies

Looking for a healthy but sweet treat to enjoy this summer? Try a smoothie – or two – they’re packed full of health, flavour and are low calorie.

Depending on the time of day, depends on what smoothie will be best for your body. For example, the Kale Kick smoothie sold in most Places Gym sites, is nutrient rich for a boost mid-morning. Don’t let the dark green colour put you off – filled with vitamins A&C, potassium and magnesium, this is the ‘Queen of Greens’.

There have been many rumours over the years that smoothies are full of ‘rubbish’ and are no good for your body. This is, almost true – it depends on the type of smoothie you want. Yes, if you’re enjoying a smoothie full of sugar, ice cream and other wonderfully tasting but unhealthy treats, your smoothie won’t do you any bit of good.

That’s why Places Gym have teamed up with Love Smoothies to provide our members with an enjoyable treat, which won’t add on all those calories you’ve just worked so hard to burn off.

Here’s what we offer:
  • Kale Kick
  • Detox-Zing
  • Pash ‘n’ Shoot
  • Big 5
  • Strawberry Split
  • Berry-go-Round

  • Tasty, right?

    The ingredients within our chosen smoothies, will all replenish and revitalise your body following a workout – or, get you ready to workout as they’ll pump you full of the energy you need.

    Some ingredients within the smoothies, such as Passion Fruit in the Pash ‘n’ Shoot smoothie, contain antioxidants to increase blood flow, reduce any bloated feelings you may have and have a low GI value making them great for people living with diabetes.

    Next time you visit your local Places Gym, relax in our seated areas with a smoothie and taste the benefits yourself!