Take a hint from Chesterfield Academy

Pre-season has started, and what better way to get ready for games than to make use of local fitness centres? Chesterfield Academy are making use of local centre, Places Gym Chesterfield to prepare the team for the season.

Yesterday, the group of lads took to the fitness and virtual cycle studios for an hours intense training. Why the two studios? High intensity training is the best way for your body to build muscle, lose fat and tone your body.

Virtual cycling - a new way to spin

Virtual cycling allows you to control the intensity of your training, while taking advise from the on-screen instructor – make no mistake, they will still push you, even though they aren’t with you.

Taking the Chesterfield Academy team through a series of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding, they were pushed to reach their cardio peak before easing back down to lift performance and build fitness levels.

The 30-minute session is fun, low impact and enables you to burn over 600 calories in one session – provided you push yourself to your best abilities. A journey, not a race – the team will continue to control their own resistance levels to build up their fitness levels, ready for match day.

Why not try virtual cycling for yourself? Check out the timetables at your local Places Gym and:
  • Improve your aerobic fitness
  • Burn calories and stubborn fat
  • Find a sense of achievement each time your intensity increases
  • Enjoy a group session with friends and fellow gym members

    Circuit training in the fitness studio

    Next, the team took to a 30-minute interval training session. Interval training is a proven way to burn calories and build muscle. Short, sharp bursts of energy enable you to raise your heart rate before bringing it back down for a short rest.

    The sports coaches for Chesterfield Academy ran different circuits for the team: each player would spend one minute on an exercise before a short rest and moving onto the next circuit.

    Interval training is for anyone, it just depends on the level of intensity as to what you do and for how long. Personal Trainer Sam, at Places Gym Chesterfield says: “If you’re short on time for a workout, interval training is a good way to maximise what you’re doing, burn calories and enjoy yourself. Whether you work out on your own or with friends, you can incorporate weights and cardio for different levels of intensity.”

    As pre-season training continues, the team at Chesterfield Academy will continue to return to Places Gym Chesterfield, working on their fitness. Be sure to check out Places Gym’s Instagram account for more hints and tips on your workout, as well as Chesterfield Academy’s website for match dates.