I've been working in the health and fitness industry now for 6 years, predominantly working with females, pre and post natal, applying the correct techniques to aid their fat burning capacity, I provide nutritional information, tips and techniques to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I offer a variety of training styles, so no matter your what goal, with the right knowledge and support I can get you there efficiently and effectively.

For many years I have worked closely with clients to overcome their anxiety and depression and this is definitely the most rewarding part of my job.
Advice for beginners

No matter your starting point, never over look the basics. Keep it simple and stay consistent.

Favourite exercise and why

Burpees. I know most people hate them as they are a massive challenge for the cardiovascular system and all the major muscle groups but they are so effective as a full-body integrated movement.

Favourite class and why

Bootcamp, it is a combination of different exercises that are performed in various different ways. It can be just as effective using body weight training or using different equipment and agility rigs
You get the benefits of muscle building and fat loss together.
One of the major benefits of bootcamp is the enjoyment of exercising with friends. It is a group exercise activity, and the camaraderie is amazing.

Key Specialities

Fat Loss
functional training
Abigail Gaskin is a specialist in... Boot Camp

High intensity training to get great results, using a variety of equipment, under the instruction of your Boot Camp leader!

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