I am a level 3 personal trainer, Muay Thai fighter and padman. I’ve always been athletic from a young age being involved in different sports but Muay Thai is the one that I developed a passion for and I have put my time and effort into the sport for a few years now, consistently growing and evolving. I decided to go to college for a year to study health, fitness & personal training to learn all the ins and outs, I passed all my qualifications and have been a personal trainer for about a year now.

As a trainer I love to see my clients grow into a better version of themselves through health & fitness, I know how hard training can be but I also know the feeling after a session which makes it all worth it. I can help you with weight loss, I can teach the fundamentals of boxing and Muay Thai through padwork sessions, slowing it down and really learning the crafts. I also offer weights training sessions and nutritional advice.
Favourite Exercise

My favourite type of exercise is Muay Thai and boxing training. I have been training these since a young age - they are my passion and what I enjoy the most.

Favourite Class

My favourite class would have to be boxing/pad work classes as these are great full body workouts and always enjoyable. I do also like circuits classes as I enjoy strength and conditioning.


My specialty as you can probably guess is boxing and Muay Thai training! Learning the art of both crafts and enjoying the process of learning new tricks is exciting and a great workout.

Advice for Beginners

My advice for beginners would be to find a type of training you enjoy and put your time into that, you will learn more if you enjoy what you do.

Key Specialities

Muay Thai
Nutritional Advice
Weight Loss
Weight training
Alex McGarry is a specialist in... Circuits

An exciting mix of body weight & external weighted total body conditioning exercises resulting in a full body workout

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