Ask yourself if any of these statements sound like you …

● Are you experiencing weight gain as you get older and want to get it under control before it’s too late?
● Do you feel old and tired but wish you could feel younger and more energetic?
● Do you find that you feel down more days than not?
● Do you have every intention of exercising and eating well but find the day gets away from you and you run out of time?
● Are you strict with yourself Monday to Friday and then 'undo' all your effort over the weekend?
● Are you lacking confidence in the gym, not sure what you should be doing or have been exercising hard but not getting the results you want?
● You don't want complexity, you want simplicity. A schedule that fits in with your life
● You understand that HOPE is not a plan, you want to KNOW 100% that your diet and workouts are working.

Hi, I'm Ben. I'm passionate about helping people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible.

I help busy people look, feel and think better without sacrificing the things they enjoy. Don't just take my word for it ... "Since working with Ben I have gained confidence in the gym and now enjoy my regular workouts. I've learnt more about nutrition and am enjoying a healthier and happier life. The best thing about the program is the effect it's had on my whole life. I'm feeling physically and mentally fitter than I ever have" Sarah.

"Since working with Ben I have become far more toned than I've ever been. I am fitter, stronger, and far more confident in my abilities and the art of what is possible. I feel younger, both physically and mentally. I am no longer resigned to 'being middle-aged' and actually feel at home in the gym." Helen.

"Ben has helped me gain confidence in the gym and in myself, I look and feel different. It is great to be able to walk into the gym with confidence and when I leave I want to skip and jump... I have become stronger, lost a stone in weight and feel younger than ever." Sheila

I work with a small number of clients one-to-one. If you'd like to be notified when a space becomes available, Please get in touch.

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Covid-19 Rehabilitation
Joint Professional Life Coaching & Counselling
Behaviour Change Specialist

Contact me today to begin your own transformation.
Advise for beginners

A large portion of the general population has a tendency to equate “complex” with “effective.”
When all is said and done, the basics - be it in weight training, dieting and lifestyle - will almost always yield the greatest results.
Keep it simple.

Favourite exercise

Burpee with Push-Up - A great way to instill fear and control an unruly client.
A massive challenge for the cardiovascular system and all the major muscle groups (either as stabilisers or dynamically) in a full-body integrated movement

Favourite class

Circuit training is a combination of different exercises that are performed one after the other with little or no rest in between them.
You get the benefits of muscle building and fat loss along with an intense cardio workout.
One of the major benefits of circuit training is the enjoyment of exercising with friends. Circuit training is a group exercise activity, there is no reason to be shy or attend a session alone and feel excluded from the group.

Ben Yates is a specialist in... Circuits

An exciting mix of body weight & external weighted total body conditioning exercises resulting in a full body workout

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