I'm relatively new to the fitness industry but not new to the gym environment with over 12 years experience resistance and now body weight training.

My journey started after being referred to my local gym by my GP for a reoccurring back problem and after reaching a good level of fitness I decided to study health and fitness on a more formal level.

So why did I want to get into the fitness industry? Well exercise and working out literally changed my life, it's now a lifestyle for me and I truly believe it's a good lifestyle too. There's nothing more rewarding to me than helping others whether it be with their technique, giving advice, showing someone a different variation of a exercise or because of health reasons which is the reason why I got into exercise and fitness in the first place. So why not start your journey here at Places Gym.

Key Specialities

functional training
Weight Loss
Weight training
Chris Ellis is a specialist in... Core Conditioning

Non-aerobic, muscle toning class focused on improving core strength with the use of fit balls.

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