I am a passionate and committed Personal Trainer who wants to pass on the knowledge I have acquired in order to watch others grow, succeed and smash their goals.

I have been an athlete my entire adult life and have achieved a lot of success in my chosen fields. I am an active mixed martial arts fighter and currently hold the WFMC world MMA title as well as numerous European, and British medals in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Grappling. My career as a fighter has provided me with a lot of skills I can pass on to my clients both in fitness, weight loss and nutrition.

Whether you are looking to lose weight and tone up for an upcoming holiday, or you are an athlete looking to increase your fitness and athleticism in order to be more successful in your chosen sport. I can help you achieve these goals.

I can offer boxing/mma padwork, strength specific training, plyometrics routines, HIIT circuits and much more. I like to mix my training sessions up to keep my clients engaged and motivated and no two sessions I deliver will ever be exactly the same. I want my clients to have fun as well as achieving great results.

Key Specialities

Body Building
HIIT circuits
sport specific training
Strength Training
Weight Loss
Corey Christian is a specialist in... Circuits

An exciting mix of body weight & external weighted total body conditioning exercises resulting in a full body workout

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