I like to think I’m a friendly and easy person to talk to and offer advice in the best way I possibly can. I am a fully qualified fitness instructor and working towards my Level 3 Personal Training qualification while on an apprenticeship here at Places Gym Preston.

I am relatively new to the industry at the age of 19, having just less than 2 years experience, and I am always looking to learn and better myself in this industry and as a whole, after I started this career by studying Sport at College.

I have always had a passion for fitness and sport in general having had it as a major part of my life since I was 6 years of age and having played football at a semi pro level for Skelmersdale United FC a couple of years back before dedicating my career to the fitness industry. My favourite type of training is resistance training and I have enjoyed it, studied it and developed a passion for it since starting at the age of 16.

Rack pulls are my favourite exercise – I love this exercise given that I feel like it can be a very powerful and explosive exercise or you can make it a very controlled exercise which can target many areas of the back due to variations such as snatch grip rack pulls and close grip rack pulls.


My favourite class is Circuits – I love this class given that you can set the pace whether you want to focus on burning calories or building muscle or toning the body while enduring a full body workout with exercises ranging from squats to shoulder press to burpees etc. I think it is a great class with a huge variety of exercises to take part in and enjoy!


My advice for beginners - don’t let minor setbacks get you down, be persistent, keep experimenting and freshening up training with new exercises and routines to boost motivation levels. Stick to a fitness and diet plan which suits you best, you enjoy most and see the best results from.

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Fat Loss
Strength Training
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