I've been a personal trainer for over ten years - after realising my desire to change myself and my lifestyle, successfully losing over 3.5 stone and understanding just how hard it can be to reach your goals, I wanted to help others.

Specialising in weight loss, I understand how being overweight can make you feel both physically and mentally.

Before becoming a personal trainer, I'd exercise but feel no difference and the conflicting advice I was given, read and saw on TV adverts, only made me feel more upset with myself.

So, I decided to bring about change and enrolled into full time education to learn the skills I employ today - it was the best decision I'd ever taken.

Now, I'm able to help educate others on how to safely lose weight and more importantly, how to keep the weight off. You'll probably hear my PT sessions before you see them, for I believe there needs to be some joy and laughter within the session. That certainly helps when the going gets tough!

If you find yourself reading this and feel that it strikes a chord within yourself or you know someone who you believe could be helped with my input, then please feel free to say hi or book in for a free initial consultation.

Key Specialities

Fat Loss
Strength Training
Jason Rodgers is a specialist in... Circuits

An exciting mix of body weight & external weighted total body conditioning exercises resulting in a full body workout

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