level 3 personal trainer with a passion of watching and helping people achieve their goals

I have been through different transformations so I know what dedication and hard work that has to go into your training and diet to be able to achieve your goals.

I am an easy and friendly person to talk to and try to offer the best advice that I possibly can to help people achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.

My advice for beginners is to make sure that you are performing exercises properly and making sure your form is perfect and put everything into your training as it will benefit you in the future.I am very passionate about fitness and have been given a lot of advice and knowledge off other personal trainers which I take on board to better myself as a personal trainer.
Favourite Exercise

My favorite exercise would have to be dumbbell bench press as it is one of my strongest movements but also but is also a fantastic way to build muscle as you can target the chest at different angles whether that being a flat bench or incline.


My specialty I would say is strength training and bodybuilding as I have gone through these phases myself and know how much work and effort is needed but by the end of it how good it makes you feel about yourself.

Favourite Class

My favorite class would have to be circuits as I feel it brings good energy to the group and it’s not just you motivating the group its everybody helping each other out.

Key Specialities

Body Building
Strength Training
Lewis Westwell is a specialist in... Circuits

An exciting mix of body weight & external weighted total body conditioning exercises resulting in a full body workout

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