I am a very passionate Personal Trainer and Assistant Manager – and I love to see members progress both physically and mentally. I set challenging sessions and assist you in making small lifestyle changes to see you achieve the results you desire. I specialise in athletic conditioning and take a holistic foundation looking at both training and nutrition to ensure you achieve your goals.

I have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry mainly working as a Sport Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach with professional athletes and as a PT. It is my goal to see you progress towards where you want to be; becoming healthier, more athletic and happier within your body.

I graduated with a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science and have completed a range of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association courses. I have also qualified as a PE teacher and more recently, a personal trainer. I am a keen trail runner, focus on clean eating with a mainly plant-based diet and also enjoy callisthenics.

I enjoy motivating and pushing my clients, and also seeing them push themselves once they know what they are capable of. Your goals become my goals!
I predominantly focus on metabolic conditioning, incorporating functional exercises, bodyweight movements and compound lifts into sessions that are bespoke, achievable, challenge you and move you one step closer to your goals – whether it may be fat loss, toning up or running a marathon PB. I am also keen to pass on my knowledge, so that you become more confident in making small lifestyle changes and everyday decisions, more confident in yourself and more confident in coming to the gym with a purpose.

I look forward to working with you!
Advice for beginners

Set yourself small goals and achieve them, to stay focused and motivated. Start simple, focus on the foundations and build from there. There are no shortcuts, eat clean and train well.

Favourite exercise and why

Power clean – I love how powerful and explosive it is, and it incorporates the full body muscles.

Favourite class and why

Circuits – It’s perfect for a full body workout. You can play with the timings, equipment and muscles worked to ensure everyone can gain something from it. It’s fun, challenging and ideal for most people that want to lose weight and tone up!

Key Specialities

Fat Loss
functional training
Martin Hewell is a specialist in... BoxFit

A cardiovascular fitness boxing class with non contact boxing combinations – high intensity & fun!

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