With my help and support plus a tailored training program, I can help you gain a higher level of fitness, a healthier lifestyle and start you on the path towards your ideal physique.

When it comes to starting your training, i can advice on the best course of action to help you to achieve your goals.

So whatever your goals are from losing weight, toning, building muscle, sculpting or prepping for your next bodybuilding competition, a marathon, triathlon or boxing match I'm your Personal Trainer.

I am always available to provide simple and effective advice on changes to your diet which will help you to achieve your goals.

Let's get results!
Advice for beginners

For anyone who is considering joining a gym or taking up any form of exercise, I would first and foremost stress the importance of warming up before your session and cooling down after to prevent injury. A warm up can easily be completed in as little as 15 minutes on any cardio based machine. As for a cool down this can be a range of static stretches that target all the major and minor muscle groups of the body.

Favourite exercise and why?

Personally my favourite exercises to perform are any body weight exercises. This mostly involves callisthenics such as pull ups due to their versatility and variations that they can be performed.

Favourite class and why?

The class that stands out the most to me as my favourite has to be my HIIT class. Mainly because every member who walks into the studio knows they are going to get a very intense workout. The class is suited to all ages and abilities. After the class finishes there is a real sense of achievement for everyone who attends because everyone including myself gives 110% through those 45 minutes.

Key Specialities

Fat Loss
Strength Training
Matt Head is a specialist in... HIIT

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training that's effective and functional! Get the most out of your workout, burn more calories and get fitter and faster than ever before!

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