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Since beginning my fitness journey at the age of 13, I have participated in many different aspects of sport, ranging from power-lifting to bodybuilding.
I have built up my knowledge through years of research and participation in workshops, but also training with a variety of individuals from different area's of the sport.

Having the qualifications of a personal trainer is not where my knowledge ends. I have managed a bodybuilding gym and ran a franchise of boot-camps starting at the age of 16. I have personally trained many professionals in a variety of sports including Football, Boxing and Athletics. I am lucky enough to currently work for the FA with different age groups of the England football team and analyse different routines to further my knowledge of training in different areas.

Training is all about having the passion and motivation to push your mind and body further than you thought possible. In my role as a personal trainer, we will be working on the psychological side of training as well as physical and as a team we will reach your goal together.

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Advice for beginners

The start of the journey may feel slow but being consistent with training and nutrition is what will really kick-start the changes you'd like to see. Take small steps learning the foundations of fitness and really grow your knowledge in the area to see better improvements physically and mentally.

Favourite exercise and why

My favourite exercise would be the dumbbell military press. My favourite workout to do would be shoulders so to push them beyond there limit with heavy weights leaves me with a great sense of satisfaction.

Favourite class and why

HIIT is my favourite class to teach and participate in. The reason for this is the volume and intensity of the training is consistently pushing your body to limits you never thought were possible and you'll always be leaving with a good sweat on knowing you've pushed yourself.

Key Specialities

Body Building
Fat Loss
Strength Training
Mitchell Frost is a specialist in... HIIT

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training that's effective and functional! Get the most out of your workout, burn more calories and get fitter and faster than ever before!

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