I look to combine functional training and metabolic conditioning to create a healthy, lean and athletic physique for my clients.

My goal is to create lasting changes to a person’s lifestyle physically and mentally.

I pride myself on my relationship with my clients and aim to encourage and motivate them every session.

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Advice for beginners

Learn proper technique. Correct form and technique will not only help prevent injuries, but also ensure you are targeting the correct muscle.

Favourite exercise and why?

Pull up. A compound exercise which hits several different muscle groups at a time. As well as working a variety of muscle groups it's also a multi joint movement.

Favourite class and why?

HIIT. It's a half hour blast at 100% effort and intensity! Great for fat loss & toning and gets your metabolism firing!

Key Specialities

Body Building
Fat Loss
Stephen Hamilton is a specialist in... HIIT

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training that's effective and functional! Get the most out of your workout, burn more calories and get fitter and faster than ever before!

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