Celebrate the Rugby World Cup & train like a pro!

As the Rugby World Cup 2019 kicks-off, we thought – what better time to celebrate Rugby.

Rugby players are renowned for their dedication to training; after-all, their bodies must be strong and agile to tackle the opposition and run the ball across the pitch.

The game of rugby has changed so much over the past few years – and now women’s teams are beginning to grow fast, showing sports are now for anyone and everyone. No longer do players spend hours on the pitch running after one another or practicing tackles, working out in the gym has become a big part of body conditioning and development.

Do rugby players use the gym?

As our understanding and appreciation for fitness has evolved over time, there are now countless different ways rugby players utilise the gym to keep fit and train for their next match. One of the newest and biggest ways gyms are utilised for rugby training is through Wattbike training!

What are Wattbikes you ask? They are THE indoor training bike!

Wattbikes – tell me more!

Wattbikes enable rugby players to train smarter. Designed to build up stamina and strengthen the legs, the bikes also minimise the impact on the players bodies – a popular training method for pre-season, rehabilitation and recovery sessions.

The inbuilt programmes enable players to always train the correct ‘zone’ of their body. For example – utilising the muscular balance programme to find out which leg is the weaker of the two and steadily build up the performance of the weaker leg until the player is almost at an even split of power.

The top 3 programmes on a Wattbike include:
  • Fitness tests for distance or time: Powerpeak, Submax & Maxramp
  • Magnetic & fan resistance: much like on a rowing machine
  • Musuclar balance: as mentioned above to improve the strength & balance of legs

  • Improve technique

    Unlike other indoor bikes, Wattbikes provide real-time data to track progress and improve on technique.

    The bikes visualise how players apply force and calculate how best to optimise their output, improve their stroke and make minor adjustments to improve speed and endurance. Linking the ride to the coaches Wattbike app, they’re able to asses a player’s session, monitor longevity and paint a full picture of player performance.

    Use the Wattbike Hubb app to monitor your progress!

    The ability to measure such progress allows for rugby players to work to certain targets or mix-up their session to target different areas.

    Try a Wattbike for yourself!

    Why not train like a professional rugby player and give a Wattbike a go?

    Here is a simple workout you can try to get you started:
  • Speed endurance: 10x 60 second sprints, with a 30 second rest in between each sprint
  • Hot face: sprint 1200m down to 100m, with a minute rest between each 100m sprint
  • 3km spring: reach 3km within 4 minutes, 4 times over. Take a 2-minute rest in between each 3km

  • Share your progress with us @PlacesGym!