It’s October 31st. It’s Halloween. A scary time of the year.

But, there’s no reason to be fearful of the gym! We know that some people find gyms intimidating, to the point where they just stop wanting to attend – but you don’t need to feel this way about Places Gym! Why? We’ll tell you.

Why do people find gyms scary?

Recent studies have shown that over half the population who don’t attend the gym or have a gym membership, say it’s because they’re put off by:
  • Not knowing what they’re doing
  • Worrying they’ll be looked and laughed at
  • Stressing over how other people look

  • It is normal to feel self-conscious about working out in the gym – especially if you’ve never been in a gym environment before or have had a long-break from exercise. It is also common for many of us to compare our bodies and workout styles to those around us. One of the most common facts is that 48% of people say they’re too embarrassed to ask for help from fitness instructors or PTs – the traditional British ‘stiff upper lip’ getting in the way there.

    There has also always been a big stigma around the weights area of the gym. Having in the past been a male-dominated area, specifically male bodybuilders, lots of us are put off from even entering this section of a gym – when actually, it is one of the best areas for you!

    How do we get over our fears?

    Our motto says it all – we’re made to move you. So, trust us when we say, there is nothing to fear in the gym – and there is definitely nothing to fear in our Places.

    Ladies – if you feel worried about joining the gym for the first time, or are fearful of the weights section, try our ladies-only zones. Most of our gyms have them, and they’re a great way to introduce you into the world of fitness and help you find your feet. If your local Places Gym doesn’t have a ladies-only zone, speak with a member of the fitness team for a little advice on how you can start out. We’re here to make things easier for you – so whatever we can do to help, we will.

    Remind yourself, you’re in control and everyone is doing the same thing. We all go to the gym for different reasons, but whatever the reasons, we’re all working out. Let this comfort you and prevent you from comparing yourself to other people.

    Embrace your feelings as well, that’s the only way to get over them. The more you squash things, the more they’ll bubble up to the surface. We suggest agreeing with yourself then finding the solution, for example – “Yes, I am terrified of going to the gym and not knowing what I’m doing – so I’ll start off small and attend a few different classes.”

    Take what’s available

    We’re here to help all the time and want to see you succeed on your fitness journey. Bear this is mind when you’re next in the gym – there is always a member of the fitness team available to give you some tips, show you how a piece of equipment works or just to give you the reassurance you need.

    Don’t be fearful of asking a fellow member for a bit of advice either – it’s a compliment to them, and a lesson for you! We’re all a family at Places Gym – everyone must start somewhere. Remember, going to the gym is a sociable experience.

    You can also make use of our blog – we’re always posting free workout plans to help you along your way. Or, download the Places Locker App for iPhone or Android and discover the workout plans available to you there.

    Whatever your fit, achieve it with us! Join in with us today, register for a free pass or book onto a class to try out new experiences!