Workout of the week

As we all start to adjust to a new way of life, you’ve probably found some activity you like doing and some that haven’t worked so well. That’s ok – we firmly believe you need to enjoy the activity you are doing to see results. We also believe that variety is the spice of life!

That's why we're bringing you a new set of workouts each week - our Core, Strength, Cardio, Stretch and our special Keep Moving workout for older adults have been refreshed and are available for you to try now.

All programmes can be accessed via the Places Locker App which if you haven’t already got it, is available to download free from Google Play and the App store.

From our partners

In addition to the Les Mills workouts on the app, we have some more exciting offerings from our fitness industry partners. From cycling plans to discounts on home workout equipment, there's something for everyone!
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We'd like to keep in touch with all of you during the closure so please keep sharing your workout stories (successes and failures) with us by tagging @placesgym on social media and using our hashtags #imovedathome

You may even feature in future emails :)