What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming is a great way to exercise if you’re wanting to be more active, stay healthy and develop or maintain a strong mental well-being. Mixing up your weekly gym workout by adding a session or two at the swimming pool will ensure you don’t get bored of your routine either.

Regular swimming can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, as well as keeping you physically and mentally strong. It’s even a great form of exercise if you’re recovering from any injuries.

What are the added bonuses to swimming, aside from the obvious keeping active?

Take a plunge into our top 5 benefits:

Improved muscle definition

Swimming through water uses more muscles than people realise. Your entire body is working hard to keep you afloat and glide through the water with each stroke. Your legs kick, arms pull, your back stretches and your stomach becomes tighter – an all-powerful, full body workout!

If you’ve been working hard to lose weight and utilising the weights and cardio equipment in the gym, maybe you should try incorporating at least one swim per week to further define your leaner body.

Increased flexibility

As we mentioned above, just one stroke requires the movement of so many muscles in your body. Your body is pushing against the pressure of the water, and so with each movement, your body is stretching out.

Keeping up with regular swimming means overtime, the repetitive strokes help to improve your flexibility – which will further benefit you when your return to the gym for a workout. The more flexible your body becomes, the more your posture improves which in turn assists your form in the gym.

Bigger lung capacity

Swimming allows your body to breathe in moist air while training – it might sound weird, but… this can help you to catch your breath more so than other forms of exercise. If you have asthma, swimming will also help to reduce some of your symptoms and improve the overall condition of your lungs.

Swimming also increase your overall lung capacity and teaches good breathing techniques (which you can use in the gym, in your yoga classes and just throughout day to day life!).

Burn more calories

Treadmills, bike machines, just cardio equipment in general is great for burning calories. But swimming can help you burn more calories – depending on the stroke you choose and the pace you swim at, of course.

Which means – you could focus on strength training in the gym to build your muscles and define your body and leave the cardio training until you hit the pool.

Improved mental health

Swimming can bring about just as many fitness induced endorphin’s as other exercises. As you swim, you’re working out, stretching and controlling your breathing which will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed post-swim.

Having a swim at least once a week can lower your stress levels, reduce any anxiety you may have and improve your sleeping patterns.

Swimming is a great way for you to stay fit and healthy, and if you swim with friends, you’re more likely to keep it up and improve your physical and mental well-being.

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Just keep swimming!